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Energy Star



Divided Light Options
You can customize the look and feel of your windows and doors with various grid styles and glass designs.

  • Grids
    internal: fixed aluminum grills, fixed sculptured grills
    external: (SDL) Simulated Divided Lights

  • Glass Designs
    Low E - bronze and gray tint
    G-pattern glass designs (rain, glue chip, fantasia, aquatex, sycamore, and reeded)

Colonial Style Grills


Prarie Style Grills


Finally, the best of both worlds. The natural curb appeal of an authentic divided lite window, without the care and maintenance problems. The distinctive all vinyl profile perfectly simulates the visual warmth and feel of real wood. The Traditions SDL option lets you create the desired effect of traditional divided lite windows.

Whether it’s residential or commercial, new construction or renovation, the Traditions SDL System from SHOWCASE is designed to enhance any architectural style. This system combines the timeless appeal of traditional true divided lites with the versatility to match any architectural style and further personalize your home. With an unlimited range of lite patterns, you can create custom designs limited only by your imagination.

About Rigid Vinyl

Showcase Windows uses rigid vinyl for the manufacturing and construction of all our vinyl windows and doors.

  • Developed after years of laboratory testing by the B.F Goodrich Company
  • Manufactured by a process called custom extruding
  • Now being used for many vital parts in the aerospace program
  • Also being used in many areas of undersea programs because of its durability, strength, and non-corrosive properties
  • It has thousands of applications in the areas of industrial and commercial use due to its ruggedness and acid resistance
  • Rigid vinyl replaces wood, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass
  • Now it solves your problems in your home with self-maintaining, beautiful, strong, and insulating windows and doors

About Low-E Glass
(see graphics below!)
With Low-E Glass in your new windows and doors, you will get the best comfort, beauty, and energy performance available. Low-E (Emissivity) Glass is a high performance, energy-efficient window glass made with an invisible coating that blocks heat flow. Showcase is proud to offer high performance Enviroshield Low-E glass.

How Does It Work?
Ordinary clear glass allows heat to pass through it. Heat always flows toward cold. The special coating on Enviroshield Low-E glass helps separate heat from cold.

In winter, heat stays inside where you need it to keep you warm. Enviroshield Low-E is 2-1/2 times better than ordinary clear glass at keeping heat inside in winter. In summer Enviroshield Low-E glass helps keep heat outside so you can stay more comfortable.

Because Enviroshield Low-E glass helps keep the inside glass warmer, you can enjoy a more comfortable humidity level. This greatly reduces condensation and fogging on your windows, thus reducing moisture damaging the interior of your home and the need to wipe off your windows and sills.

Keep Your Home Environmentally Friendly
Enviroshield Low-E glass is good for the environment. Every window installed with Enviroshield Low-E in place of ordinary clear single-pane glass reduces electrical demand and can save 250 gallons of oil over the life of the window.

Benefits of Enviroshield Low-E

  • reduces utility costs for heating and air conditioning
  • reduces condensation and fogging on your windows
  • reduces damaging UV rays, protecting your interior
    drapes, upholstery, and carpeting from early fading
  • provides year-round, consistence temperatures in your home, no more cold drafts

The total solar energy transmitted through windows with Low-E Glass can be up to 51% less than that transmitted by standard clear
insulating glass.
The winter nighttime U-value (insulating value) of windows with Low-E Glass can be up to 51% better than standard clear insulating glass.
Windows with Low-E Glass reduce fabric fading UV energy up to 72% more effectively than standard clear insulating glass.
Windows with Low-E Glass (right) can transmit as much as 94% of the desirable visible light transmitted by standard clear insulating glass (left).

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