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For operatable, fixed or odd-shaped windows, our Lexan Protector Shield is a good choice for storm and security protection. By installing our Lexan Protector Shield on the outside of an opening, glass is protected from breakage caused by flying debris such as golf balls, brick, baseballs, etc. By saving your glass windows from destruction, the interior of your home is protected 365 days a year from water and other damage that may have occurred due to the breakage of your glass windows, door lites, or entryway side lites and top lites.

Key Benefits

  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty against discoloration.
  • Optically Clear qualities allow unobstructed view.
  • Ideal for custom, entryway "Door Lites," "Side Lites" and "Top Lites."
  • Resilient and strong, our Lexan Protector Shield offers good security and storm protection.
  • The only window to keep golf balls out of your home.


5 Years 100% Parts / 1 Year 100% Labor

If you live on a golf course and have golf balls hitting your windows from very bad golfers, Cambridge has a solution just for you with a Golf Ball Proof Unbreakable Storm Window. Our exterior mounted protection goes on top of your existing window with a 365 day protection even when you are not home!

Lexan XL - Protect Your Old Windows And Save

Single pane glass and stained glass windows waste electricity and are poor insulators. While cold air escapes by conduction, drafts make your building uncomfortable. On old windows, lead channels deteriorate and wood millwork often shrinks and cracks. Settling and flexing give winter wind entry. Each day you can see heating and cooling dollars escape this way.

The Answer is Lexan XL: A product of General Electric. Lexan XL is a virtually unbreakable polycarbonate sheet with a UV-resistant surface, providing protection and long lasting clarity. An outer covering of Lexan XL cuts infiltration and traps an insulating layer of air, cutting electric bills by 30% in most homes.

  • Reduce heating and cooling costs.
  • Protect wooden millwork and eliminate the need for continual repainting.
  • Protect valuable windows from vandalism or damage from the elements (golf balls, bricks, etc).
  • Lexan XL covering will extend the life expectancy of your existing windows or stained glass windows while saving your budget dollars every day.


For security, or convenience, plastics may prove a viable alternative. Cambridge Doors & Windows can even install break resistant Lexan® windows for those who live in a golfing community. Lexan is an acrylic designed by GE to have the transparency of glass, and the structural integrity of plastic. Lexan is designed to withstand small rocks, golf balls, hail and other debris, and it looks just like glass! Plastics make it possible!


Aside from unlocked doors, the easiest and most vulnerable point of a criminal's entry is through windows. Typical plate glass found in most windows offers little protection against rocks, flower pots or bricks thrown against it, or against the force of a sledgehammer or baseball bat. And the breakage is both a mess and a danger to deal with.

The trauma of dealing with the aftermath of a burglary--or other forced entry--is difficult, too. Things can be replaced; people can't be. Naturally, it's important to protect your loved ones and the people for whom you are responsible from dangers worse than burglary. Although admittedly influenced by some litigious geographic areas, it's a prudent business decision to protect your employees, patrons, visitors, customers, guests, etc. to the greatest extent that you can. Cambridge Systems helps to make effective glass protection affordable.

Safety and security experts around the world will tell you that the best way to avoid becoming a victim of premises crime is to safeguard your building and to deter the would-be criminal. Among the many measures are installing door locks appropriate to the door(s) being protected and actually USING them; locking windows; surrounding the building by adequate night time lighting; avoiding overgrown bushes and other shrubbery that could hide a potential invader; installing alarms; and many others. One of the simplest methods of protecting your windows and glass within doors is to have the Cambridge Glass Systems safety and security laminate professionally installed.

The result is that blows that untreated glass cannot withstand are now deflected by the strength of the Cambridge Systems laminate and attachment system. Instead of shattering upon impact, the glass is held intact within its frame. It may or may not crack or break, depending upon the nature and force of the blow(s). But the fact that the first blow won't automatically penetrate the window will more than likely deter the burglar. Similar to the criminal's encounter of a locked door, the unyielding resistance of a window will send the discouraged undesirable person elsewhere. That's a major objective of security measures.

We certainly don't discount the installation and use of proper locks and of burglar alarms, "panic" buttons and other related devices. However, an alarm is usually triggered when someone enters the protected premises, often after having damaged a window or door. A burglar can gain entry, steal property and be gone long before the alarm response is concluded; a criminal can enter and threaten or take a family member hostage in a matter of terrifying seconds. Detering "smash and grabs" is an important safety measure for both homes and businesses. And doing so in an unobtrusive manner is demanded aesthetically. Burglar bars and security grates and gates are hardly attractive. Mechanical fastening systems used by some film or laminate vendors can also be unsightly. Being clear both optically and in color, the Cambridge Systems protective laminating system serves to enhance this security in low light conditions.

Related to physical property security is the prevention of accidental injury. How many of us have walked right into a glass patio door, thinking it was open? It hurt, even if the glass didn't break. Imagine a child running through what he or she thinks is an opening, only to strike the glass. The injuries can be severe (to adults and to pets as well as to kids.) The Cambridge Systems safety and security laminate system provides a nearly invisible barrier of protection against such accidents. That's a wonderful "peace of mind" feature in addition to the physical building security that the product provides. And, as cited elsewhere within this site, there are other terrific benefits you and the building occupants receive by installing our product.

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