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Insulated Glass Replacement

Foggy, or haze, beads of moisture running down between the panes. Any of these signs are indications that you have window glass with failed seals. Take heart, having seal failures in your windows does not mean you have to replace your entire window. Cambridge can help keep costs down by simply replacing the failed glass with new glass. Our glass replacement program in done at your home by our servicemen.

What are possible causes of seal failure? Water, ice and sunlight tend to deteriorate the insulation surrounding the glass, which will ultimately result in seal failure and condensation between the glass layers as well as non-approved glazing compounds and ultraviolet light beating directly down on the glass sealant. Builders grade windows are not designed to last.

Replace Foggy Glass!


So, you need glass replacement. Cambridge currently replaces insulated glass units and windows that were built 1972 or later. Insulated glass consists of two or more pieces of glass separated by one or more sealed air spaces. Insulated glass is made with metal-edged spacers that are sealed together. The air space is generally 3/16" to 1/2" thick and is filled with dehydrated air kept at atmospheric pressure. This reduces condensation and heat loss (or gain).

Because there are four different measurements associated with any one window, we generally prefer to come measure the glass we are to replace. This cuts down on inaccuracies and incorrectly ordered glass. After Cambridge measures your glass, we give you an estimate on the cost to make the replacements. After your approval is received, we proceed to order your glass. The glass unit carries a five year guarantee on seal failure and Cambridge offers a one year guarantee on labor.

Once glass is received, we are ready to install and give a call to schedule a convenient date. Glass installation can be performed any time of the year and the glass is installed from the exterior of the home with the assistance from the inside. Great care is taken not to disturb your landscaping and cloths are laid down inside the home to protect your floor coverings.

If you have insulated glass problems, you need to call or contact us today!

When we set an insulted unit, we only use latex or water base caulk, because some of you have caulk tears. Caulk tears are excess caulk from when the window frame was assembled. Over time and 100°+ summers, the oil base caulk has melted and now runs down the glass or pools in the corners. The latex caulk dries and turns clear, if we have some excess it can be easily removed after it dries.

DO NOT tint your insulated glass; use solar screens that will keep the heat and UV off of your windows. DO NOT let the water sprinkler spray your glass every day. This will keep stagnant water in the sash and will rot the seal or etch your glass over time.

When we set new insulated glass, there are a few things that we do to keep from having a warranty call. We use a supplier that makes quality products. This allows us less than two warranty calls a year saving time and money. Cambridge also uses new vinyl bead, or facing. New bead holds the glass firmly till the caulk is set and assures a tight seal between the glass and metal frame. Picture windows have metal bead that we reuse and recaulk back in place for a water tight seal.

Over the last 25 years, energy conservation has become an important part of a building's or home's construction. Most new structures have double paned glass windows called Insulated Glass Units (IG). When an IG unit starts to fail, moisture may condense between the two pieces of glass. Call Cambridge today to replace those old failed units with new quality IG units.

Clear Insulated Glass

  • We measure your existing glass for proper fit.
  • No need to replace the entire frame!
  • Tinted glass, Low E glass, grills and screens.
  • Have grills between the glass? No problem.
  • All of our windows have a 5-year warranty.

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